Welcome to Xinstronics, specializing in PCB Fabrication and PCB Layout services.

Xinstronics is a worldwide PCB Manufactuter specializing in low volume PCB production. Superseding to our credentials, we are able to tailor-make bespoke productions based on your needs. Having had the substantial knowledge and year of experience as the well recongnized industry player, Xinstronics not only produces various kinds of PCB prototypes but also supplement with the excellent customer services with aplomb.


Offering the best of both worlds, Xinstronics makes a promise to each of its expending clientele in providing not only competitive rates but also with a quickened production response. It is our pride to also deliver on these promises yet present quality production effectively upholding our credibility and accountability.


To ensure the uppermost quality in production, we emphasize our production methods on the four cycles of design, process , monitoring and execution with precision and care. The PCB prototypes produced are manufactured through utilizing multiple facets of sophisticated technologies every step of the way. To further ensures and controls quality, various key factors and indexes will be implemented from e-testing x-rays (layer offset check) to A.O.I testing (Automated Optical Inspection) to deliver unto our clients the best output.


Xinstronics will always strive to deliver upon not our timeline but rather yours. We understand your and Requirements to have your products to be completed not only with percision but also in a timely manner. As such, it is of paramount importance to us to always adhere to delivering prompty with the best controlling strategies in supporting fast and accurate responses through breaking in the high traffic frequencies and ensuring prompt deliver at all times.

Use our service for simple jobs and satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Why Us?

  • We implement innovative business solution for time alliance in supporting punctual responses
  • We take pride for flexibility in filling any size order; concede with no minimum order
  • Our shipping handling services are measured with precise on time performance
  • Products assemble in Malaysia and correspond with best lead time of 48 hours
  • We offer global shipping services in reaching your international destine
  • Electrical tests are executed in accordance to international safety standards before the delivery process
  • We assured best materials used in forging for quality control inspection
  • Our fixate prices do not inflict any Hidden or Surprise Closing Costs
  • We prosecute an Instant Online Coding System for each and every transaction
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