Xintronics is a well structured and steadily grown company

Providing Printed Circuit Board Design services to Electronics & PCB industry Market. Since 2010, we have extended our services which now include Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing & Printed Circuit Boards Assembly.

Our core business lies within the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). Since 2010, our company has grown together with our clientele, servicing various companies in various industries. This has led us to diversify our business adding more value to our services by also incorporating manufacturing and assembly of Printed Circuit Boards.

Throughout the years, we have provided innovative designs and practical PCB solutions to companies across the board worldwide. Apart from that, we are always ready to assist you with anything be it technical support, after sales service and on time quality products among others.

At Xintronics, we aim to provide our customers with high quality products at affordable prices and obtaining efficient processing time. To ensure you with our fast and efficient services, we are proud to introduce the online Instant PCB quotation system that is easily found within our website.


To ensure our customers with reliable and high standard products, we are pleased to provide a FREE PCB sample as a reference. Kindly fill out the Sample request form to obtain the FREE sample.

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